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Linda F. Gourley

Linda Gourley uses a variety of printmaking techniques, including hand-colored etching, collography, and chine colle, along with collaging textiles, ink colors, and hand made papers to create fantastic and whimsical prints.  Inventing innocent and simple human and animal forms, Gourley's works represent humorous and magical situations set in rainforests, gardens filled with spirituality, and imaginary fairytale kingdoms.  The contrasting qualities of such elaborate artistic technique combined with Gourley's naive and child-like characters produce a vitality of expression unique in style and content.

Artist Statement

I use two printmaking techniques in my work:
  1. Chine colle etchings - This process is done with copper and zinc plates.  I etch my plates with a nitric acid bath.  Once the plate are etched, I then decide where I want to use the chine colle, which consists of oriental colored papers that are actually put on during the printing process.  These papers add a more sophisticated way of using color.  I also use several colors of inks during the printing process to complete the image
  2. Collographs (Collage Prints) - My plates for this process start with a piece of matboard as my back.  I then proceed to collage my plate with wallpaper textures, metal textures, dried flowers, found objects and anything that has a texture that is fairly flat to produce the image of what I want.  I add an acrylic medium over the plate to protect it from the inks and cleaners.  I roll and wipe away ink on these plates to produce the colors.  I also use the chine colle process on these prints

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